Deficiency of Oxygen Killed 14 kids in Farrukhabad hospital

Based on a report in Hindustan Times, 14 of 49 kids died only of peri-natal asphyxia, a disorder where a child cannot breathe properly after birth and has to be directly put on oxygen supply.

The report noted that 14 out of 30 children died only of peri-natal asphyxia, and another 4 out of 30 died because of peri-natal asphyxia along with other complications. Moreover, 12 others died of other reasons ranging from septicemia to premature birth.

There could be various reasons for perinatal asphyxia or what we call a tough birth, and these babies require oxygen support. Each hospital in its labor room should have enough oxygen and the facility to ventilate in case of emergency.

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