Signs and Symptoms of Breast Cancer

Breast Cancer

Breasts are made of fat, connective tissue, and glandular tissue that contains milk glands. Everyone’s breasts look different, and they can change with age. It’s vital to know how your breasts usually look and feel, so it will be easier for you to spot any remarkable changes in them. Be sure to talk to your doctor if you notice any unusual changes in your breasts. Initially breast cancer may not show any symptoms.

Clinical Features

Signs and symptoms usually appear when the tumor grows large enough to be felt as a lump in the breast, or when cancer spreads to nearby tissues and organs.

Lumps are important to look out for, and for several women, the first sign or symptom is a lump in their breast. Most breast lumps are not cancerous, but it’s always good to check with your doctor. There are other important signs and symptoms too.

Symptoms of Breast Cancer

Breast Lump

A new lump or thickening in your breast or armpit can be a sign of breast cancer. Many women have lumps, but they are not cancerous. Therefore, it is important to check any breast lump with your doctor.

Change in Size, Shape or Color

Your breast might look bigger or have a different shape than normal, or it might just feel different. For example, one may look bigger or smaller than the other. Additionally, the breast might look red or inflamed.

Breast pain

Breast pain is common. You may get pain in one or both breasts, and if the pain doesn’t disappear after a reasonable amount of time, it is worth checking with your doctor.

Skin Texture

Changes in the skin’s texture on your breast can be a sign of cancer. This includes puckering, dimpling, swelling or a rash on the skin. You may also have a rash on the nipple or surrounding area.

Appearance of the Nipple

One nipple may turn in or sink into the breast, else it usually points out, then it could be a warning sign.  Moreover, one or both nipples may have a discharge.

Fluid Leaking

Fluid leaking from a nipple, in a woman who is not pregnant or breast feeding, can be a symptom of breast cancer.

Breast Awareness

It is important to be breast aware as the earlier the breast cancer is detected, better the chance of beating it. Being breast aware simply means knowing what your breasts looks or feel like normally, so that if any abnormal change occurs, you will recognize it.

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