Advice to Prevent Jaundice

Jaundice is not a disease, but a medical symptom that specifies the occurrence of some underlying medical problem. Jaundice is a widespread disease that can affect people of all ages. Additionally, Jaundice is a liver disease affecting many people all over the world.There are many ways to prevent Jaundice, but it is better to choose the natural way to prevent Jaundice as it provides complete protection and support to the liver.

Hidoc recommends few preventive measures to avoid Jaundice:

Maintain good hygiene and sanitation

The primary step to prevent infectious diseases such as Jaundice is to implement high standards of hygiene and sanitation (Read more here). Wash hands with soap before eating food and after using the washroom because it can keep a person away from carrying diseases.

Consume fresh and warm food

Always consume fresh fruits and well-cooked vegetables, preferably warm foods that can lower the risk of liver infection (Read more here). Avoid eating street food because street food may contain germs (Read more here) that can lead to Jaundice.

Drink Clean Water

Jaundice can spread through contaminated water; hence, it is recommended to avoid drinking infected water or drinking water from unhygienic places. Prefer drinking boiled and filtered water.

Avoid Alcohol

Consuming alcohol is like a poison that moves towards slow death and affects the liver. Alcohol consuming people are prone to diseases due to a weak liver. Jaundice can be prevented by avoiding or reducing the levels of alcohol intake.

Maintain Weight

Obesity can promote Jaundice occurrence. Intake of fatty foods can raise blood cholesterol levels that can increase the risk of gallstones development. Moreover, fatty foods increase the risk of fatty liver and liver damage.

Proper exposure to Sunlight

Jaundice in newborn babies can be prevented by bringing them in contact with sunlight. A newborn baby’s skin will absorb sunlight and break down the bilirubin that causes Jaundice. Phototherapy is one of the most important treatments for Jaundice.

Preventing the disease is better than fighting the disease!

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