Malaria: Current State of Malaria & Advice for your patients

April 25th is observed as World Malaria Day. The day recognizes the global efforts to control Malaria. Moreover, it helps to spread awareness about Malaria that is caused by parasites transmitted through Anopheles mosquito. Based on data provided by the WHO 91 countries in the world were affected by Malaria.

Moreover, the WHO estimates that nearly half of the world’s population is at risk of Malaria. In 2015, the world had 212 million cases of Malaria. Out of these 4,29,000 deaths in regions such as sub-Saharan Africa.

Malaria mosquitoes use fresh water as their breeding grounds such as small puddles, water collected at construction sites, and water in deserted pots. Multiple fresh water habitats are abundant in tropical countries.

These result in widespread prevalence of mosquitoes. Construction sites have been observed as the best breeding grounds for mosquitoes.

According to the WHO, Vector control is the best way to prevent Malaria transmission. Two recommended approaches for Malaria treatment mentioned by the WHO are:

  • Insecticide treatment mosquito nets are recommended to sleep at night for all people under the threat of Malaria. It’s the easiest to implement and the most cost effective measure.
  • Indoor Residual spraying is another method popularly observed in India metro areas. It is an effective measure to prevent Malaria transmission for 3 to 6 months.
Hidoc Recommended advice for your patients:
Long Sleeve Trousers and Shirts

By wearing long sleeve trousers and shirts patients can avoid exposing their body to mosquitoes. These clothes prevent mosquito bites. In addition bites result in malaria transmission

Mosquito Repellents

The golden way to prevent mosquito bites is to apply mosquito repellents on your body. It can be applied every night before sleeping. Moreover, it can be applied during the evening hours of the day

Spray Insecticide

A recommended approach in Indian offices and Homes is to spray insecticide in your working and sleeping area every evening to deter mosquitoes

Bed Nets

If you sleep in the open or like to keep your windows open when you sleep a mosquito net is recommended during the months of June to October

Overall, Malaria is a deadly disease resulting in half a million deaths each year. By proper education to patients we can avoid the widespread transmission of the deadly disease that would help our patients lead longer and healthier lives.