Surgeons hold Satyagraha to Remind Government of their incomplete requests

Based on a report in the times of India, thousands of doctors across the country joined hands in keeping fast from 6:30 am to 6:30 pm against the lethargy of the central government in completing their long incomplete requests.

More than 120 doctors registered their participation in the national stir by meeting at IMA Hall in Samarth Nagar at demand to fullfill Incomplete requests.

The doctors national body also repeated its demand for improving the PCNDT Act established to control the gender determination through sonography. Moreover, doctors said that strict rules of the clinical establishment Act are going against small nursing homes and giving way to big corporate hospitals.

The nationwide satyagraha that marked the participation of 1,700 local IMA units from throughout the country asked the government to cap the recompense in cases of medical carelessness.

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